Groups are players are necessary to find new ‘Legendary’ Pokémon, so more people are welcome to join

    The popular trend of last summer, Pokémon Go, is making a comeback in Crookston.

    The interactive cellular device game started out as a simple video game called Pocket Monsters in Japan in 1996.  However, it has steadily grown over the years, changing the name to Pokémon, adding trading cards and even a TV show to the Pokémon Universe.  

    Now, with the Pokémon Go app, it last grew exploded into an international sensation that had people trotting around cities searching for rare Pokémon.  

    In the alternate universe of the Pokémon world, creatures called Pokémon are spread out on a map that is parallel to a street map of the real world.  To catch a Pokémon, one must simply walk to the destination and throw a virtual Poke Ball at the creature to capture it.  However, with the new update to the game, new Legendary Pokémon cannot be simply captured by one person.  Many people playing the game must band together to catch the Pokémon.  This is what has gotten the Pokémon movement going in Crookston again.  

    The Pokémon players of Crookston organize via their Facebook page, Pokémon Go Crookston.  When they find a special Pokémon, they post about it on the Facebook page and try to get a group together to go find a capture it.  

    The Pokémon Go Crookston group has had several meetings at places like the U of M Crookston campus and Trinity Lutheran Church to capture the legendaries. They are always looking for more people to help with their quests, so if you were, are, or want to become a Pokémon player, join the Facebook group  Pokémon Go Crookston to receive updates and help with the Pokémon events.     

    Everyone is welcome to explore the world and find rare Pokémon with the Pokémon players of Crookston.