‘Crookston Rockers’ movement seems to be growing by the day

    The new trend catching on around the nation of hiding creatively painted rocks for others to find and hide again has sparked in Crookston.

    The "Crookston Rockers" club, made up of people from around the area, paint and decorate rocks and then hide them in places around parks and businesses.  When people find them, they are encouraged to take a selfie with the rock and post it to the Crookston Rockers Facebook page, and then re-hide it in the same place or somewhere new. People have become zealous searching for and painting rocks to keep the trend going.  

    Anyone can participate by finding a rock and posting a selfie with it, or by painting a rock, writing the Crookston Rockers Facebook page on the back of the rock, and then hiding it and keeping an eye on the page to see if your rock is found.     

    Keep an eye out for the impact of this trend of spreading a bit of art and happiness in the community.