It’s ‘like therapy to kids,’ one-time student and current instructor says

    “Fresh Voices" is a three-week workshop in July for Latino youth and artists in Crookston to create digital photography and video works to be presented later.  

    The digital art workshop is led by Kristine Sorenson of “In Progress,” a small non-profit working to diversify cultural dialogue and pave the way for new voices in the field of digital art making.  

    Sorenson, executive director and master artist of film and photography at In Progress, started the "Fresh Voices" program in 1996.  

    Phillipe Hernandez, a video instructor for "Fresh Voices,” has been part of the project since its beginning in 1996. He started out as a student of the program and has since moved on to become a teacher and assistant. Phillipe says that he has always liked photography and video, and he likes to tell and discover his family history and where his family came from.  

    "The program is like therapy to kids,” he said, also mentioning that the program was therapy to him when we was going through his divorce. His children are now participating in the program as well. "It is about the free to live expression" he said.

    In the past few years, the work has focused on issues affecting young Latinos in the community and has included pieces reflecting on cultural identity, education, and family. Kids this year are working on several projects that are very important to the community, including Isaiah Reyes' project about what kids deserve, and Heaven Hernandez's video about police brutality.  

    "Fresh Voices" is made possible by support form the Minnesota State Arts Board Arts Access Program. Funding is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grand from the Minnesota state Arts Board, thanks to an appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund. Learn more at