Work should be finished by the start of the school year at Our Savior’s School

    Our Savior's Lutheran Church and School, located on South Broadway in downtown Crookston, is currently working on a new project that will help increase the security of the building and save energy.  

    Construction workers are in the process of adding an entryway to the outside of the school in front of the main doors of the building.  In years past, one door led directly into the school. This was a security concern for both students and church members, but the new entryway will provide another barrier, thus increasing the safety of the school and church.  

    "The entryway will also help with energy efficiency, as we've always had problems with both hot and cold air,” says Sandra Trittin, principal at Our Savior's School.   

    The entryway will maintain a comfortable temperature in the building by keeping air conditioning in during the hot summer months and heat inside during extreme Minnesota winters.

    The project is funded by private donations and offerings, and is expected to be completed in August before the school year begins.  

    Our Savior's Lutheran School enrolls 56 students from preschool to grade 6.