Proceeds from this year’s event will go toward Nurse/Patient Call System

    It’s almost time to tee-it-up for the 13th Annual RiverView Foundation Golf Classic. The Golf Classic will be held Monday, June 12 at Minakwa Golf Club, with another good cause to play for.

    “RiverView Foundation counts on our friends and business partners to help insure that we can continue to provide necessary access to quality health care services in our community and region,’’ said Foundation Director Kent Bruun. “With past stakeholder support, the Foundation has raised over $290,000 in the twelve-year history of this event which has effectively supported priority initiatives focused on providing exceptional patient care, always.’’

Nurse/Patient Call System

    According to Bruun, funds raised from this year’s Golf Classic will be designated toward the purchase of a communication and workflow nurse-to-patient call system throughout the Crookston campus (Inpatient Unit, Emergency Department, Same Day Surgery and the Care Center).  

    “The call system will benefit our staff in so many ways, leading to increased staff satisfaction,’’ said Annie Waldal, Inpatient Unit director. “But most importantly, the call system will make RiverView a safer place for our patients by allowing for faster response times and increased communication capabilities.’’

Projects Funded through the Years

    Many priority projects have been funded at RiverView with the nearly $300,000 brought in by the Golf Classic. The following is a summary of projects accomplished through the tournament:

    • 2016: $30,800 toward the 3-vital monitors for the Emergency Department;
    • 2015: $29,000 toward the infusion/PCA pumps and lab analyzer
    • 2014: $28,500 toward the vital monitoring system project;
    • 2013: $27,000 toward the work simulator project;
    • 2012: $27,000 toward the purchase of three anesthesia machines;
    • 2011: $25,500 to a central cardiac monitoring system for the ER;
    • 2010: $22,600 to the CT/MRI radiology project;
    • 2009: $23,000 to secure inpatient beds;
    • 2008: $22,000 to the hospital inpatient renovation project;
    • 2007: $20,000 to purchase digital heart monitoring/event recording for RiverView’s primary care clinics;
    • 2006: $16,700 to add stereotactic 3-dimensional breast biopsy services;
    • 2005: $16,200 to update the telemetry heart monitoring system for the Intensive Care Unit

    If you’re not playing, you can still benefit the Nurse/Patient Call System Project by sending your donation to the Foundation office at 323 South Minnesota Avenue, Crookston, or by contacting Bruun at 281-9249 or