KnuteCo owner says it should be a wake-up call for Crookston

    The Polk County Board of Commissioners approved a Conditional Use Permit this week for Kevin Iverson of KnuteCo to construct and operate a custom home construction business office in Gentilly.

    Iverson said the 4,800 square foot office building will be located right in town on the north side of the road that goes to the Catholic Church and little to no traffic will be generated from others as no actual work will take place on-site.

    He mentioned in a phone call with the Times that he originally planned to build his office in the open space that he owns across from Arby’s near Subway in Crookston, but that the commercial property taxes were double what they are in Gentilly.

    “That is sort of a wake-up call for Crookston,” explained Iverson. “They’re busy trying to revitalize buildings, which is great, but they also need to take a look at their tax structure and what they can do to help with some of the costs for people trying to start a business.

    “I have sold my lots in Crookston and will look towards Thief River Falls to build some custom houses as they will have some job openings coming up and will need more housing,” he added. “The office in Gentilly will make it an easier drive to Thief River.”

    Iverson said he plans to build one house per year and likes building custom homes as “there’s no joy (for him) in building regular-style.”