Longtime Congressperson fears that loophole allowing Mexico to dump sugar in United States will remain

    House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin Peterson, longtime Congressperson from Minnesota’s 7th District, says the a tentative sugar agreement between the U.S. and Mexico is an improvement over the current deal, but still far from perfect because, he adds, the new agreement currently appears to include a loophole that would let Mexico dump its sure on the U.S. market.

    “This deal is an improvement over current agreements that have hurt U.S. sugar growers but the details will be important,” Peterson indicated in a statement released by his office. “It is disappointing that the agreement in principle appears to leave in place a loophole that keeps the door open to dumping. Mexico and sugar users could annually petition for excess refined sugar to be allowed into the United States. Leaving this loophole in place doesn’t make sense. It needs to be closed to adequately address unfair Mexican trade practices.

     “I encourage the Department of Commerce to follow its commitment to strictly monitor and enforce the agreement and the Department of Agriculture to continue its management of the sugar program in the best interest of the U.S. sugar industry,” Peterson added.