Some of his other works are recognized as well

    Nick Genereux, owner of Outdoor Addictions Taxidermy in Crookston, has added national recognition to the state awards he won for his bear mount.

    Genereux brought the bear to the World Taxidermy Championship in Peoria, Ill. in May, where it won a first place ribbon in the professional division and was the highest scoring bear in the show. The bear mount also helped Genereux win the fifth place overall Professional Competitor’s Award for the highest scoring total combined for four mounts. The other three mounts that earned him this award was a 1st place life-size otter, along with a 2nd place deer mount and life-size fisher mount.

    It was the first time Genereux has attended the biennial World Taxidermy Championship.  Genereux said he’d been told at the world show the judges get picky on even the smallest of details, which they certainly did, but he left the show very pleased on how he did and is looking forward to the next World Taxidermy Championship.  

    The World Taxidermy Championship this year had close to 500 entries with taxidermists from all over the United States and many foreign countries, including Canada, China, New Zealand, Australia, and several European countries.

    Earlier in the spring, Genereux took home top honors at the Minnesota Taxidermy competition, winning Judges Choice, Masters Best of Show, and Minnesota Taxidermist of the Year, and other awards.