Government Center currently spends more than $50K a year on electricity

    The Polk County Board of Commissioners will be looking at the Made in Minnesota solar project again this week to determine if it’s a right fit for the county.

    Facilities manager Mark Dietz says the project was initially presented to the board with the idea of reducing cost of electricity for the Government Center in Crookston which is currently spending over $50,000 per year for electricity. The solar incentive program would be a way for them to get a solar arrangement and see “significant savings.”

    “The program is through the power companies and state of Minnesota, and someone would come up and engineer it,” explained Dietz. “It would consist of solar panels that would be on the roof (not anchored) that would be self-sustaining.”

    “It wouldn’t be damaging to the building at all,” he added. “The lifespan of the panels would go beyond the window of Polk County becoming the panel owners.”

    If the contract is approved by the board, representatives of the program would come to Crookston to show them how it will work.

    Made in Minnesota solar incentive program was established in 2013 to help the state “meet its solar electricity standard” and to “catalyze the solar industry.” Applications for solar photovoltaic are accepted annually and selected by lottery.