Park Board again asked to consider residential housing on part of north-end park

    The empty lots on Hoven Lane in Crookston came up during this week’s Park Board meeting and City Administrator Shannon Stassen hopes the board will consider letting three of the lots go for single-family home development. He assured board members that the park would stay if they made the consideration.

    “The green space with the park on one end doesn’t get used and the last time this was brought up there was a split vote,” Stassen explained. “This space would allow us to create three 75 foot build able lots for single-family homes only and still leave a huge park.”

    “We’re always looking to find infill opportunities to add more housing,” he added. “This is an established neighborhood, the utilities are there and this would be a good strategy for the city.”

    Stassen did admit that they would have to figure out the market rate and that they would want purchasers to build their homes to match the neighborhood, and Ward 5 City Council member Dale Stainbrook added that they would have to add some sort of conveyance on the agreement because a “$300,000 home wouldn’t match the neighborhood.”