Each bed at the shelter will have one.

    Each year Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless supports more than 150 homeless shelters and food shelves like Care and Share throughout urban, suburban, and rural Minnesota. Friday, Open Your Heart announced it has provided the Care and Share with a $13,768 grant to help the facility purchase seam-sealed institutional mattresses that prevent bug infestation and bodily fluid seepage for each bed at the Care and Share, “providing a better night’s rest for those who need it most.”

    Open Your Heart looks for gaps in funding of services based on geographic or demographic considerations and reaches out to agencies serving those communities. They support programs in communities where many traditional funders do not reach – volunteer-run domestic violence shelters, homeless programs in sparsely served remote corners of the state, inner city programs dedicated to serving the poorest among us, and hunger programs serving clientele with special needs. They prioritize visiting programs, understanding organizational challenges and getting to know the communities in which they serve.

    As an emergency shelter, on average, Care and Share provides over 10,000 nights of rest for their clients each year. When they cannot provide a person with a place to sleep because their beds may be contaminated, it impacts people's lives. Having a safe, clean environment is the first step for Care and Share to focus on higher levels of need.