They learn about its history, tour Fournet Building

    Crookston High School junior high students were seen out wandering the streets of downtown Crookston during school hours Wednesday, but they weren’t cutting class, they were supposed to be there.

    With their teachers in tow, Dillon Fenno took the kids on a tour of downtown Crookston to teach the kids a little about its history and inspire them to dream big.

    The idea started when the school reached out to Fenno to see if he had any good ideas for the kids as far as a creative springtime learning opportunity. Next to discuss the possibilities was the Downtown Crookston Development Partnership, for which Fenno is the facilitator, to see what they could come up with.

    Fenno says City Administrator Shannon Stassen had the idea to give the kids a tour, which Fenno said he was happy to coordinate.

    As they walked around downtown, Fenno said the kids had many good questions, wondering things like how they could start their own business and if they could run for mayor when they get older, like Fenno did earlier this year.

    “The students also had their own ideas for what kinds of businesses they would like to see come to Crookston in the future,” said Fenno, who also owns the Synergy Hub and Synergy Center on Robert Street downtown.

    On their tour, the students met up with developer Jeff Evers, who gave the kids a tour of the Fournet Building that he’s purchased and is looking to redevelop.

    “The kids had a blast,” Fenno said. “The whole thing was meant to be fun, while also being a good learning experience for the kids about the town they call home.”

    Before the tour was finished, they were also treated to refreshments at Synergy Hub.