Bubna actively recruiting experienced potential replacements for CHS math teacher Sobolik

    The Crookston School Board on Monday accepted the resignations of two longtime teachers in the district, high school math instructor Joe Sobolik and kindergarten instructor Cindy Gregg. And in Sobolik’s case, considering the typically shallow applicant pools for positions like his and that he’s widely viewed as a high-quality math teacher, board members expressed concern about who might end up taking his place, and suggested that maybe the district needs to actively recruit potential replacements instead of just waiting to see who applies.

    “Sobolik is a huge loss for the Math Department,” Board Chair Frank Fee said. Instead of going through the typical advertising of the position and accepting applications, Fee wondered if there’s anything wrong with “being proactive and going after someone” or “are we just going to sit back and wait and hope?”

    Superintendent Chris Bates said CHS Principal Eric Bubna is “fully aware of the responsibility at his doorstep.” For his part, Bubna, in response to Fee’s question said efforts more proactive than is typical are underway to find an experienced successor to Sobolik. “We are doing that; there are a couple names,” Bubna said.

    Sobolik will be teaching in East Grand Forks, where he lives.

    Before voting to accept the resignation, board member Dave Davidson said both of his now-adult kids had Sobolik as a math teacher at CHS, including for calculus, and thought he was an excellent teacher. “He was a fantastic addition to our math program,” Davidson said. “I hate to see him go, but a person’s gotta do what a person’s gotta do.”

    “I’ve never witnessed him actually teach, but I’ve walked by his room enough to know he’s done an outstanding job as a teacher,” Bates added.

    As for Gregg, she earned her Ph.D. from the University of North Dakota last summer and has accepted an assistant professor of education position at Mayville State University. She’ll start there in August.

    “She was awesome,” board member Adrianne Winger said. “She’ll do good where she’s going, but she’ll be missed.”

    “She’s a great teacher and a great person,” Bates added. “I’m excited for the chance she has and I wish her well.”

    With smaller kindergarten and first grade sections meaning the district is looking at having four sections of each in the fall instead of five. Bates said a Title teacher will be moving into Gregg’s position and a replacement Title instructor will need to be hired. Even with the moves, Bates noted that with two probationary teachers earlier this spring having their contracts terminated, the district will still have two fewer teachers in the fall than it does now.