She graduated on Saturday.

    Lindsey Paul ended her four-year degree with a presentation about her study abroad visit to Bergen, Norway at the Sons of Norway meeting.

    "It was one of the best decisions I had ever made hands down" to go and study in Bergen Norway for one full semester,” Paul said.   

    Paul, is a senior at the University of Minnesota Crookston majoring in Communications. Four years ago as a freshman Lindsey knew she wanted to go abroad.  At first it was maybe to India but then as she visited with the Study Abroad Office and thought this program going to Bergen Norway was calling her name.  

    Some people only go for a short time but Lindsey really wanted to get a full experience in Norway so she opted to go for the full semester.     

    For three years she saved money and made sure that academically she would be able to go and graduate on time.  She did just that and through her adventure had made some new friends from all over the world. She also reconnected with old friends of hers from high school.  

    Lindsey's presentation showed the Son's of Norway Group the many wonderful places she visited including Sweden and Germany.  

    This was a bilateral program that was not much more expensive than going to school her at UMC.  Not only did she have a great time going through her photo's but the group had a good time listening and remembering their own experiences in Norway.  

    The Son's of Norway group meets at the Golden Link on the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m..  This organization is designed for people of all ages and all backgrounds.  You do not need to be Norwegian to be part of the group. Each month we do something culturally fun.   

    If you have questions about how to join or would like to come to a meeting feel free to contact Rae French the Vice President at