This year’s project focuses on teaching elementary students about local watershed.

    Wednesday, the Crookston River Watch team participated in the 22nd Annual River Watch Forum at the U of M Crookston, led by CHS science teacher Jessica Hanson.  

    “Each year our team takes water quality samples during the spring, summer, and fall and wraps up the year presenting our poster and video project at the forum,” Hanson said. “The 2017 assignment was to teach fourth graders about our Red Lake Watershed and the water cycle, create a poster presentation, and a video about our lesson.”

    Last month, the River Watch students went to Kristi Griffin’s fourth-grade classroom at Highland School to teach a lesson about the water cycle and the local watershed. The younger students “traveled” on the water cycle by rolling dice and going to different places water can be located around Crookston, Hanson explained.  After the activity, each team member lead a small group discussion with the fourth graders to discuss their movements, the water cycle, and the Red Lake River. The students then wrote in their science journals what they learned and questions they still have about our watershed.  

    “The team was pleased with the results of the lesson and hope to be able to go and do more lessons in the elementary,” Hanson said.

    Wednesday’s forum theme was centered around careers in water, so the members attended various presentations given by local leaders. The forum was attended by around 250 students, teachers, and water resource managers from the Red River Basin.

    Crookston River Watch team members include Anna Huck, Emily Gillette, Eliza Meyer, Lisa Lindemoen, Sawyer Bernd, Joey Rodriguez, and Katherine Geist.