Firefighters move vehicles, equipment into former AutoGlass Specialists building on Sunday

    Crookston firefighters – both those employed by the Crookston Fire Department as well as the paid, on-call firefighters who belong to the Crookston Firefighters Association – on Sunday afternoon moved fire trucks, other vehicles and equipment into the new, north-end fire station in the former AutoGlass Specialists building on Sahlstrom Drive just off University Avenue.

    The station, which will be unmanned, is now considered operational.

    With so much of Crookston’s growth heading to the north and northeast, City officials as well as firefighters have long thought at some sort of north-end presence would greatly decrease response times, compared to all responses having to generate from the CFD’s main, staffed station on the south end of town.

    So almost a year ago, the Crookston Firefighters Association, which serves Crookston as well as more than a dozen townships around Crookston, purchased the high-profile vacant building on the north end for $245,000.

    The Crookston City Council, which had previously pledged financial support to the CFA’s effort to construct a pole shed on the current CFD grounds, subsequently pledged financial support to the CFA to help them with the initiative.

    In the months since the purchase, firefighters have been getting the building ready for its new purpose, both inside and out.