Junior high students team up with Kiwanis Club

    Junior high students from Crookston High School have started a new club, thanks to a partnership with the Crookston Kiwanis Pioneer 100s. The CHS Helping Hands Builders Club is made up of CHS seventh and eighth grade students who are pledging to better their school, their community, their nation and themselves.

    The club formed in late fall and members have already participated in service projects such as helping with holiday food baskets. Their advisor is CHS teacher Jen Solie and they have representatives from the Kiwanis Club that attend their monthly meetings.

    “This is the very first Helping Hands Builders Club at CHS and there are close to 40 kids,” explained Crookston Kiwanis member and past Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor George French.

    “They will hold their first fundraiser, tulip sales, this spring,” added current Kiwanis president Shirley Iverson. “There will also be a celebration of their club charter at the end of March or beginning of April.”

    The new club’s presidents are: Mallorie Sundeen, Madison Hoiland, Kaleb Pry, Carter Bruggeman and Easton Tangquist. They also have two Kiwanis student liaisons, George and Linnea French, who attend their meetings.

    During their January meeting, the club presidents asked their members (as a way of getting to know each other better) what their favorite class or place to be was as they shared treats. After they all recited their club’s pledge, they discussed future fundraisers, their club charter celebration and had an open discussion before convening. Each member also wrote down their personal information, such as their email addresses, so they can communicate between meetings.

    “This club is similar to the Leo Club, but is specifically for junior high students,” said French. “It will let them work together and see what being in a club is really like.”