If additional days are lost to winter storms, some sort of discussion will likely commence.

    We’re only days into the new year and students in the Crookston School District have already lost a trio of school days to winter storms. If they don’t have any other days cancelled for the rest of the winter, Superintendent Chris Bates says that no action will have to be considered as far as the possibility of making up any days goes. But with a lot more winter to come, there’s a decent chance that one or more school days could still be nixed due to snow, wind and dangerous winter conditions, and that would necessitate a discussion, he told the Times.

    “The current teacher contract says three (days) are excused. After that it says the board can make some up,” Bates said. “It is not concrete.”

    As of now, the last day of school is May 31.

    Rather than simply add days onto the end of the school year in June, Bates said there are options to add days within the current calendar, with teacher workshop days and parent/teacher conference days available to potentially be converted into student-contact days. The calendar also currently has no school scheduled on Presidents Day, and students get Good Friday and “Easter Monday” off as well.

    “However, taking those away may conflict with plans people have already made,” Bates added. “Hopefully we can figure out what might work best if we use up any more snow days.”