• Nielsville Bridge has the biggest price tag by far, at $4 million.

    The state of Minnesota requests a resolution prioritizing bridge replacements in Polk County every year, so County Engineer Rich Sanders approached the board of commissioners identifying those bridges that are high priority and that require replacement, rehabilitation, or removal within the next five years.

    “We look at the bridges that are eligible for replacement or rehabilitation,” explained Sanders during the first commissioner’s meeting of the year. “We do get a lot of requests for bridge work, but this list is just the bridges that are eligible.”

    Polk County has determined that the following deficient bridges on the County State Aid Highway, County Road and Township systems are a high priority:

    • Bridge No. R0349 Roome - Est. Project Cost = $65,000
    • Bridge No. 96951 Gully - Est. Project Cost = $65,000
    • Bridge No. 5767 CSAH 1 (Nielsville) - Est. Project Cost = $4,000,000

    • Bridge No. L5832 Esther - Est. Project Cost = $50,000
    • Bridge No. L7510 Euclid - Est. Project Cost = $65,000
    • Bridge No. L5792 Kertsonville - Est. Project Cost = $75,000
    • Bridge No. L7624 Lessor - Est. Project Cost = $75,000
    • Bridge No. L5788 Chester - Est. Project Cost = $300,000

    • Bridge No. L7522 Scandia - Est. Project Cost = $300,000