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  • Seth Heppner wins Ernotte Hiller Memorial

  • Heppner proved he was the top golfer, beating former champions Mark Lyczewski 3&2 in the quarterfinals and Matt Hiller 1 up in the semifinals.
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  • Seth Heppner won his first Ernotte Hiller Memorial Labor Day Golf Tournament championship Monday, beating Nick Bergan 5&4 at Minakwa Golf Course.
    "I ran into a few local golf legends there and none of them made it easy on me, to say the least," Heppner said. "Winning always feels great and to be able to do it at home feels even better. I remember growing up and watching the tournament and going into the club house and looking at all the past champions and thinking one day I want to do that. So being able to finally do it feels great."
    Heppner held a two hole lead after winning the ninth and then won the 11th, 12th before a birdie on the 14th hole clinched the win.
    Play was suspended on the fourth hole for rain and resumed about 30 minutes later.
    "It was nice to be able to sit down and relax for a little after a tough match with Hiller," Heppner said. "So, it might have even helped me. I'd say the key to winning a tournament like that is always give yourself a chance to make birdie. Try and make the impossible possible."
    Heppner proved he was the top golfer, beating former champions Mark Lyczewski 3&2 in the quarterfinals and Matt Hiller 1 up in the semifinals.
    Heppner played three season of golf for University of Minnesota Crookston but is taking this year off to focus on his game in Arizona.
    Championship Flight results
    1st round
    Mike Lundbohm def. Vance Harren 3&2
    Nick Bergan def. Rich Clauson 1 extra
    Brad Heck def. Scott Sanders 1 up
    Scott Lindgren def. Isaac Westlake 1 up
    Mark Lyczewski def. Bob Gramer 7&6
    Seth Heppner def. Jordan Radcliffe 5&4
    Matt Hiller def. Scott Corbin 3&2
    Dane Anderson def. Mark Steinke 1 up
    Nick Bergan def. Mike Lundbohm 5&4
    Scott Lindgren def. Brad Heck 3&2
    Seth Heppner def. Mark Lyczewski 3&2
    Matt Hiller def. Dane Anderson 5&4
    Nick Bergan def. Scott Lindgren 3&2
    Seth Heppner def Matt Hiller 1 up
    Seth Heppner def. Nick Bergan 5&4
    Championship Consolation
    Vance Harren def. Rich Clauson 5&4
    Isaac Westlake def. Scott Sanders 2 up
    Bob Gramer def. Jordan Radcliffe 3&2
    Scott Corbin def. Mark Steinke 5&3
    Vance Harren def. Isaac Westlake 1 up
    Scott Corbin def. Bob Gramer 4&2
    Scott Corbin def. Vance Harren 6&5
    Page 2 of 3 - Hiller Flight results
    Matt Bjorgo def. Zach Strommen 2&1
    Jake Abrams def. Ron Gramer 6&5
    Curtis Regan def. Charles Eickhof 6&4
    Kim Larson def. Seth Hanson 3&2
    Jake Abrams def. Matt Bjorgo 1 up
    Kim Larson def. Curtis Regan 4&3
    Kim Larson def. Jake Abrams 3&1
    Minakwa Flight results
    Josh Baldock def. James Mathews 4&2
    Brock Heppner def. Darin MIllar 1 extra
    Dave Kildahl def. Eddie Walker 1 extra
    Adam Stratton def. Todd Steinke 1 up
    Josh Baldock def. Brock Heppner 2 up
    Dave Kildahl def. Adam Stratton 6&5
    Josh Baldock def. Dave Kildahl 2&1
    1st Flight results
    Harrison Bjorgo def. Tyler Conklin 6&4
    Jim Clauson def. Craig Stahlecker 7&5
    Parker Nicholls def. Terry Modahl 3&1
    Dick Gramer bye
    Jim Clauson def. Harrison Bjorgo 6&4
    Parker Nicholls def. Dick Gramer 5&4
    Jim Clauson def. Parker Nicholls 2&1
    2nd Flight results
    Mark Myrold def. Jay Ricord 2&1
    Barry Bergan bye
    Travis Nicholas def. Julian Dahl 4&3
    Gary Pawlik def. Chad Ricord 1 up
    Barry Bergan def. Mark Myrold 3&2
    Gary Pawlik def. Travis Nicholas 2 up
    Gary Pawlik def. Barry Bergan 9&8
    3rd Flight results
    Sam Melbye def. Mike Proulx 3&1
    Steve Brekken def. Jack Lindgren 4&2
    Dale Stoe def. Dave Strommen 5&3
    Terry Gramer bye
    Steve Brekken def. Sam Melbye 2&1
    Dale Stoe def. Terry Gramer 2 extra
    Dale Stoe def. Steve Brekken 3 extra
    4th Flight results
    Jim Steinke def. Alex Dillabough
    Ward Westburg bye
    Jay Amiot def. Roger Corbin
    Cheri Lindgren def. Lee John Hagen
    Ward Westburg def. Jim Steinke 5&4
    Page 3 of 3 - Jay Amiot def. Cheri Lindgren 5&4
    Jay Amiot def. Ward Westburg 5&4
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