Bates looks to utilize Kent’s expertise more

    The Minnesota Department of Education has released the 2014 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) test results in the fields of Math, Reading and Science. Crookston, in general, has scored higher in all three areas in comparison to last year's results. Superintendent Chris Bates says the district is "on the right track."    

    "When we see scores go up, it's clearly a good thing," said Bates. "We still have work to do as the tests and curriculum are going to change again."   

    Compared to statewide results, Crookston is approximately 5-10 percent behind but teachers continue to spend time with individual classes and students.    

    "When the state clumps all the scores together, it really has no value for us," explained Bates. "What we are trying to do is find our high points and preserve them to find where we are lower and work on those. We spend a lot of time digging into each individual grade. I don't know that we ever want to be satisfied."    

    Bates added, "Our biggest success of the results is 10th grade science. We jumped 20 percent."   

    According to Bates, Crookston School District test coordinator Jim Kent has proven to be an asset in keeping everything organized for the MCA's.   

    "Mr. Kent is a great source to us," said Bates. "We are trying to get him more involved as the tests are going to change again. I remember when I was a young teacher and he helped break things down for us."   

    As for future testing, Bates says Crookston schools will continue to do some "tweaking" and work hard to raise scores.    

    Here's a look at the statewide and Crookston School District scores:

    • Statewide: 60.5 percent (proficient)
    • Crookston: 54.9 percent
    • Statewide: 58.8 percent
    • Crookston: 49 percent

    • Statewide: 53.4 percent
    • Crookston: 45.4 percent