Pirate Fine Arts Boosters has become a critical fund-raising tool

    The Pirates Fine Arts Boosters is inviting and encouraging community members to continue to renew and show support of fine arts programs in Crookston schools. Funds are now being solicited for the 2014-2015 school year.    

    Last year alone, PFAB raised $13,562 that went toward various fine arts programs in the schools, including supplies and programs for junior high/ high school art, theatre, band, choir, orchestra, music programs, auditorium equipment and fine arts-based scholarships.    

    Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated.    

    There are specific categories that various payment amounts will be placed into. They are as follows: PFABulous Club: $1-$99; Director Club: $100-249; Conductor Club: $250-$499; Bravo Club: $500-$999; and, Maestro Club: $1,000 and up.   

    Formed in 2002 when just over $10,000 was raised, PFAB has grown into a critical foundation in aiding and promoting fine arts in Crookston's schools.    

    The PFAB Board of Directors includes Jim Kent, President, Liz Thompson, Secretary, Elaine Metzger, Treasurer, Greg Garmen, Beth Carlson, Belinda Fjeld, Amy Ellingson, Dale Knotek, Alvern Wentzel and Phyllis Hagen.    

    If interested in donating, contact PFAB. Write checks payable to Pirate Fine Arts Boosters, P.O. Box 743, Crookston, MN, 56716.