New laptops for everyone this year.

Fall semester classes at the University of Minnesota Crookston begin Tuesday, Aug. 26, and faculty and staff are on campus this week participating in a number of workshops and activities in anticipation of the arrival of students and the beginning of the semester.


New laptops

The new laptops arrived earlier in August and are ready for students. Staff in the HelpDesk have loaded the 1,150 HP EliteBook 840 G1 Notebook PCs, which boast an Intel i5-4200U (1.6GHz w/turbo, 3MB cache) processor as well as a touch screen. Over the past several years, the campus has experimented with convertible tablet computers (2-in-1 devices) through pilot programs where many of the faculty and some staff members have participated. Technology Support Services continues to expand its pilot testing of various convertible and detachable tablet designs.


Pathway to Nursing

Recently, Chancellor Fred Wood and Vice Chancellor Barbara Keinath met with Connie Delaney, Ph.D., R.N., professor and dean of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing in Minneapolis.

The meeting ended with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the U of M Crookston and the U of M School of Nursing (UMSN) on the Twin Cities campus. The purpose of the MOU is to develop a framework of cooperation or a “pathway to nursing” which would allow qualified UM Crookston graduates to enroll in the Master of Nursing program at the UMSN.

U of M Crookston students would complete a series of required coursework that would prepare them for the Master of Nursing program. The two institutions would work collaboratively in the recruitment and advising of students preparing for the UMSN program. UMC faculty and staff would coordinate with the Office of Student and Career Advancement Services there. Ideally, students going on to study in the Master of Nursing program would return to rural Minnesota to complete clinical training. The program is an innovative response to an impending shortage of nurses. It also addresses the increased level of educational preparedness expected from nurses now entering this career field.

Faculty and staff from the U of M School of Nursing are planning to visit the Crookston campus to further discuss the program on Oct. 23, and both institutions will continue to work on the process throughout the academic year.


International students

Of the 59 new international students on campus this fall, 35 of them are from Brazil. For one academic year, these students, funded through the Brazilian government, are studying mainly in the animal science pre-vet program area, but all of them are studying within the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, known as STEM. They will be joining two students from Brazil who have been on campus this summer.


Campus garden

The Allan and Freda Pedersen Garden has been providing fresh produce to the campus since mid-August and student-athletes have already enjoyed some of the harvest. The garden is a cooperative project between the University and community with a host of collaborators including the Office of Student Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs, Sodexo Dining Services, Center for Sustainability, and Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. U of M Extension provided guidance though Terry Nennich, a fruit and vegetable specialist, and Todd Cymbaluk, a local gardener and agriculturalist, provided technical expertise.