They’ll travel to Paris, Barcelona and Madrid next March

    There are a whole slew of games slotted for children at the 2014 Ox Cart Days! Starting at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 16 at the Downtown Square, games such as Plinko, Ox Cart toss, Ox Cart trail walk, ring toss, scavenger hunt and an art table will be set up for kids to create, play and enjoy.    

    These games are free; however, there will be a tip jar set up to help Crookston High School Spanish students who are taking a trip next year to Paris, Barcelona and Madrid with their teacher, Kathy Twite. All proceeds from the "tips" raised will be put directly towards the students' costs for the trip, which will take place in mid March of 2015. 

    "Fundraising has been a little slow, but it's definitely not hard to find support from friends, family and the community," Spanish student Elisa Samuelson said.    

    "We've done a lot of different things," student Jonathan Miller added. "Students going on the trip made churros, which was our biggest success! Other events we have done include raffle tickets, chocolate bar sales, selling frozen pizzas, and selling Hugo's coupon books."    

    One thing is for certain about the students' attitudes regarding the trip: They are immensely excited for what they consider a "once in a lifetime" opportunity. "I hope to learn another culture's way of life, how we differ, and how we're the same," said student Sydney Boike. "I also hope to learn of new foods and activities that we'll get to try once we're there."    

    Additional kids activities in the Ox Cart Days Saturday festivities include inflatable games, from Games Galore, from 11:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. near at Downtown Square. Curfman's Critters will also be there. The cost for those activities is $5.