Changes mean more people qualify

    The deadline to file your property taxes is just around the corner. District 1 State Sen. LeRoy Stumpf (DFL-Plummer) reminds constituents to file their property tax returns by Friday, Aug. 15.    

    This past session the legislature made a number of changes to increase eligibility and refund allowances for both the Homestead Credit Refund and Renters’ Refund programs.    

    Even if homeowners or renters have not qualified for a property tax refund in the past, Stumpf encourages constituents to check the new eligibility standards this year.    

    “We made a number of changes this year to help increase property tax refunds for both homeowners and renters,” he said.     

    The income limits to receive both the homestead credit and renters’ credit have been increased this year. Likewise, the minimum percentage of income paid toward property taxes in order to qualify for a refund has been lowered.    

    For more detailed information on who qualifies and instructions on how to file, visit: