Call or email if you’re interested

    Crookston Parks and Recreation has set a goal to increase participation in the adult Curling League for the winter of 2014-15, and public feedback is essential to this process.     

    In its inaugural season in 2013-14, 22 teams comprised of more than 100 people participated for eight weeks on Wednesdays, holding one afternoon session and two evening sessions.  Parks & Rec is looking for current and potential curlers interested in being part of our second season and helping achieve the growth goal by calling or e-mailing Crookston Parks & Recreation at 281-1242 or  Simply provide your name and e-mail address.    

    As Parks & Rec develops a list of potential participants for the second season of league curling, feedback will also be integral in the formation of a potential Crookston Curling Association, dedicated to the advancement of the sport in the community.