Sherri Kremeier surprised in front of more than 120 of her colleagues

    The wonderful surprise of being named the RiverView Health Employee of the Month is usually kicked off by an unannounced visit from the Senior Leadership Team and the gathering of a few co-workers.    

    Due to the timing of RiverView’s July 1 Town Hall Meeting, July’s Employee of the Month was surprised in front of more than 120 RiverView employees. That employee is Sherri Kremeier.   

    A graduate of Fergus Falls Community College, Sherri is the financial counselor in Patient Financial Services. She has been with RiverView for the past five years. She worked for four years in Prior Authorization where she billed insurance before moving into her current position a year ago.   

    Born in the State of Washington, Sherri didn’t stay in one place for too long. She moved 34 times and attended 13 different schools before graduating in Underwood, Minnesota.        

    Today Sherri and her husband, Leon, live in Crookston. They have two sons: Trent, who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and Collin and his wife, Melissa, and their two sons, Jace and Camden, who live in Milbank, South Dakota.   

    “I’m so very honored, and ‘thank you’ seems like too small a phrase to express my appreciation for this award,’’ she shared. “To be nominated by your peers is the best reward of all. I have the opportunity to work with many wonderful people in various departments and I’m truly proud to be a part of RiverView Health.’’   

    It was a large group of Sherri’s peers that nominated her for the honor, and while all wrote about her positive attitude and willingness to ALWAYS help out, it was Carmen Mendez who summed up Sherri’s many attributes best.    

    Following is Carmen’s nomination.   

    “I have had the privilege of working with Sherri Kremeier, Patient Financial Counselor, for approximately two years in PFS, and I am pleased to nominate her for Employee of the Month:
Sherri’s commitment to excellence shines through in the many ways she serves our patients, always helps her coworkers, is Team Leader for her WQ Workgroup, serves on the Workplace of Choice Team and volunteers her time for other RiverView fundraising events.    

    “Sherri is an excellent and exceptional teacher. I transferred to PFS from HIM with little knowledge of billing, insurance companies, etc.      

    “She always made time to help me learn and was always kind and helpful in every way possible to help me succeed at my new position. Sherri works towards the betterment and success of all her team in PFS and RiverView by always lending herself anywhere she is needed or wanted.   

    “Sherri is dedicated to serving RiverView’s patients, explaining insurance and billing information, payment plans, etc., in a way in which the patients feel respected and well-informed. She treats everyone with dignity, reflecting their importance and value to RiverView and herself. She is extremely professional in all situations.   

    “Sherri is eager to take on any and every task presented her to serve RiverView and PFS, always with a great attitude and ambition to do the best. Her actions and words always reflect a positive attitude, even in difficult situations, which she encounters on a daily basis and handles with ease and grace.    

    “Sherri offers her time, abilities, talents, knowledge and friendship to all her coworkers. I have never heard a negative comment stated about her. Sherri’s presence has a positive effect on our entire department and RiverView. I am very thankful that I am able to work with this amazing woman. Sherri is an exceptional employee and role model. She is inspiring and encouraging. I strive to be more like her! She is more than deserving to be Employee of the Month.‘’   

    If you would like to nominate someone for the Employee of the Month program, go to and fill out the nomination form. Nominations are taken at any time.