Mobile medical simulation training facility will be at the Villa over two days

    Licensed nurses from Villa St. Vincent will receive specialized medical training in a mobile medical simulation training facility on July 16 and 17, 2014.   

    Simulation training allows health care providers to practice a variety of medical situations on an interactive “simulated patient” in a safe, hands-on environment. The patient is connected to a computer program that places it through changes in health conditions and various medical emergencies.     

    The nursing staff must assess the patient’s problem, attempt to provide the appropriate care for the situation, reassess to see if care choices worked and continue until the situation ends.   

    The goal of this simulation training is to increase the confidence and skills of Villa St. Vincent’s nursing staff as they prepare to better manage the ever-changing medical complexity of their residents.     

    After each simulation, a team debriefing is held to discuss outcomes: what went well, what are the staff’s strengths, what didn’t go well, what additional education might be needed and were there environmental concerns (equipment placement) or cares that need to change in the future for improved results.    

    “Simulation experience encourages critical thinking in staff responding to resident medical situations and enables them to practice in an emergent situation, “said Diane Vaughn, Benedictine Health System vice president, clinical services.     

    BHS is the parent organization of Villa St. Vincent.          “Data shows that nurses are better prepared and have higher confidence going into a live situation after simulation training, resulting in better care for our residents,” Vaughn explained.     

    BHS is assisting 16 of their communities, across four states in bringing this innovative medical training to their nursing staff this summer.  
    The Benedictine Health System is a nationally recognized Catholic, non-profit, health care system providing a full spectrum of health and housing services to aging adults. Based in Duluth, Minn., BHS has served the health care needs of aging adults for more than 28 years in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri and Illinois.    

    Sponsored by the Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery in Duluth, BHS serves approximately 6,000 aging adults on a daily basis and employs over 5,000 individuals.      

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