This year’s event will also feature a demonstration on making chocolate from whole cacao beans

    Chocoholics, unite!  It’s time once again to sift through those recipes and share your epic chocolatey-goodness creations at the 2014 Polk County Fair Chocolate Contest for your chance to win fame and glory as the crowned ruler of all things chocolate! This event is sponsored by Al & Laura’s Foods and Kappes-Leiran Agency, Inc.   

    Entries must be submitted by 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 9, in the Open Class Foods building.  Judging begins at 7 p.m. on the Hanson Free Stage. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three winners in both adult and youth categories.  Adult prizes: 1st place - $50, 2nd place - $40., 3rd place - $30. Youth prizes: 1st place - $25.00, 2nd place - $20, 3rd place - $15.   

    For more details and entry criteria, visit or call Nancy Grunhovd at (218) 945-6266, Diane Littlefield at (218) 280-2290 or Pam Reese at (218) 945-6036.   

    Chocolate is everywhere yet few people really know how chocolate is made. Even fewer have actually set their eyes on a cacao bean, much less a cacao pod. After extensive research, we’ve discovered chocolate's dirty little secret - it's a piece of cake to make at home. This year’s event will feature a demonstration of how to create chocolate from whole cacao beans. We’ll also have cacao pods from Quito, Ecuador on display so you can experience chocolate in its original state.   

    So join us in celebrating the mightiest of confections, and give chocolate its day in the sun (or partial shade at least, we don't want it to melt).