Focus area is Highway 2 corridor

    In an unprecedented effort, Minnesota and North Dakota law enforcement from the northern Red River Valley will be teaming up to make this a safe and uneventful weekend for all travelers along the busy U.S. Highway 2 corridor.   

    The Minnesota State Patrol, North Dakota State Patrol, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office, Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Grand Forks and East Grand Forks Police Departments and the Crookston Police Department will be working a 4-day, high-visibility enforcement project on and around Highway 2 during the July 4th holiday weekend.    

    “Beginning on Wednesday afternoon (July 3) and continuing through Sunday, July 6, officers, troopers, and deputies will be on the look-out for drivers who are making bad choices while behind the wheel” said Captain Mike Hanson of the Minnesota State Patrol.   

    These officers will be focusing on the three driving behaviors that cause the majority of the crashes on our region's roadways, Hanson explained, which are speeding, alcohol and drug impairment, and distracted driving. Seat belt and occupant restraint violations will also be an enforcement focus, he added.   

    The number of arrests made or the number of citations issued will not be the measure of success for this regional enforcement effort, Hanson said. "Instead, it will be measured by the preventable tragedies that will not happen thanks to the effort and dedication of all of the officers who will be on-duty and working hard this holiday weekend to keep everyone safe on our roads and highways," he said.