Wondering what to do next, county board likely to seek legal counsel

    East Grand Forks farmer Randy Driscoll visited the Polk County Board of Commissioners again Tuesday to provide some delicate information he found while researching R.J. Zavoral's dump site permits for Huntsville Township.    

    "I spent some time at the Registrar's Office looking up permits for Zavoral," said Driscoll. "I found that the May 2014 permit shouldn't have come to the county board because it was not signed by the township beforehand. They went through all that and it's null and void. In 2010, their permit was never even filed. Then in April 2014, their permit expired and they didn't have another one until May."   

    District 5 Commissioner Don Diedrich asked Driscoll, "What do you want us to do, Randy?"   

    "Move their stuff out of there," replied Driscoll.    

    "There's been some allegations here. Do you have any comments Mr. Zavoral?" asked Diedrich to Rob Zavoral who was seated in the board room.    

    "No comment," replied Zavoral.    

    Driscoll reiterated the fact that Zavoral's doesn't have a current working permit.    

    Planning and Zoning director Josh Holte stepped in and said, "We haven't had any other complaints besides the one from Driscoll. We do know about the 2010 permit never being filed with the administrator and we are getting that issue looked at now."    

    "There seems to be some legal issues here and I think we need to get something figured out," added Diedrich. "Can we resolve this? I can certainly see the need for some screening here."   

    "Would you have any give for some time?" Diedrich asked Driscoll.   

    Driscoll replied with a "No" and added, "They've had plenty of time. I would like to see them remove everything we can see like the culverts, piles of debris and so on."    

    Director of Property Records Michelle Cote suggested to the board that they take this issue under advisement and seek legal counsel.    

    "We really don't have any other choice if we can't get this issue resolved right here," added District 4 Commissioner Warren Affeldt.