Delage: $15K needed to reopen doors, more than $30K needed to keep them open

    The Crookston Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1902 closed down Monday after finding themselves unable to pay their bills and cover employee payroll. VFW Commander Ron Delage told the Times that they are trying to get reorganized and will try to raise funds through members first.    

    "We had a meeting last night (Tuesday) with the men's and women's auxiliary," explained Delage. "We are going to try and talk to all our members to raise money first just so we can open back up."    

    Delage mentioned that the club needs $15,000 to open their doors, but to get everything cleared away it would take over $30,000.    

    "We've had problems the last two years so now we have to play catch-up," said Delage. "We tried talking to CHEDA (Crookston Housing & Economic Development Authority), but they apparently don't loan money to clubs. I don't know why."   

    One idea that Delage and other members had was to put on a benefit supper and silent auction.   

    "I think it would be a good idea and there are still a lot of people out there who will support the veterans club," said Delage. "There's quite a few of us that would like to see the club open again because it's been there for so long. I hate to give up. Unfortunately, once these places close down they normally don't open back up again."   

    Delage said the club will try to open again in two weeks if they can raise enough money.