Steiner says Bacon’s Dray has until June 23 to set things straight with the Department of Revenue

    Bacon's Dray Sanitation of Erskine is on the verge of having their license revoked by Polk County if they can't comply with the Minnesota Department of Revenue by June 23. They have been collecting sales tax from their customers for services, but have not been making payments to the DoR since 2007, Polk County Environmental Services Director Jon Steiner told the Polk County Board of Commissioners this week.    

    Bacon's Dray and the DoR have been working on the issue since the summer of 2013. The DoR notified the county in April 2014 mentioning that no progress has been made, Steiner said.    

    "Bacon's has been doing some work, but the Department of Revenue has yet to see anything submitted," Steiner told the Times. "If the county doesn't hear anything by the 23rd of June, they will give Bacon's a week or so to wrap up affairs (pull containers and notify customers) before suspending their license. If they have submitted a financial payment plan to the DoR, the county will take it month by month to make sure progress is still being made."    

    Bacon's Dray serves the eastern half of Polk County and a suspended license can mean customers will be scrambling for other services.    

    "The other sanitation haulers in that area are smaller companies," explained Steiner. "This can potentially become a public health issue. We don't want garbage disposed of illegally or to pile up. We are working closely on this issue and hope Bacon's can work on a payment plan to get back into good standing."