Event, in its tenth year, has raised almost $200,000

    This is a big year for RiverView Foundation’s annual golf tournament. The Monday, June 9 event at Minakwa Golf Club in Crookston will mark a decade for the event that has brought in nearly $200,000 in the past nine years, and made so many projects at RiverView Health a reality.   

    Foundation Director Kent Bruun stated that funds raised through the 10th Annual Golf Classic will be designated to the Intensive Care and Medical Surgical Inpatient Vital Monitoring System project.

Vital Monitoring System   

    The vital monitoring system project will replace and upgrade existing equipment to provide a fail-safe system of immediate monitoring technologies and delivery of vital alerts to appropriate staff. The system will also enable immediate information sharing among vital electronic medical record capabilities, reported Bruun.   

    Vital sign monitors measure blood pressure as well as report oxygen saturation levels and temperature.  They can be used to continually measure a single patient’s vital signs or moved from patient to patient for spot checks.   

    “Donor support from the community is so powerful,’’ Bruun said. “It literally allows us to enhance our quality of care which results in a community and environment that has a higher quality of life and safety.’’
Projects funded through the years   

    The following is a summary of projects accomplished through the Golf Classic profits over the past nine years:   

    • 2013: $27,000 toward the work simulator project
    • 2012: $27,000 toward the purchase of three anesthesia machines
    • 2011: $25,500 to a central cardiac monitoring system for the ER
    • 2010: $22,600 to the CT/MRI radiology project
    • 2009: $23,000 to secure inpatient beds
    • 2008: $22,000 to the hospital inpatient renovation project
    • 2007: $20,000 to purchase digital heart monitoring/event recording for  RiverView’s primary care clinics
    • 2006: $16,700 to add stereotactic 3-dimensional breast biopsy services to the community
    • 2005: $16,200 to update the telemetry heart monitoring system for the Intensive  Care Unit at RiverView Hospital   

    For more information on any of the Foundation’s programs, contact Bruun at 281-9249 or kbruun@riverviewhealth.org.