Female companion accused of hiding pills as well

    Joshua Robert Fox, 32, of Fosston pled guilty to felony controlled substance charges on May 5 in Polk County after a March arrest for methamphetamine.    

    According to the complaint, on March 14, Polk County Sheriff's Office Deputy Brandon Larson met with a confidential informant who had arranged to purchase an "8 ball" or one-eighth ounce of meth from Fox. The CI was provided with an electronic transmitter and $500 of pre-recorded "buy money." They were dropped off at the American Legion of Fosston and a short time later a four-door Chevy sedan drove into the lot and parked. The CI got in the back of the car and they drove north out of town and then turned around and came back into Fosston. Officers followed the sedan and attempted to stop the car.   

    According to the complaint, PCSO Sgt. Mike Norland ordered the occupants to exit the vehicle and nobody did so. After several more attempts, Norland and other officers opened the car doors and hauled out the occupants. The driver was identified as Fox and the front seat passenger was Sammantha Madelyn Kemple-Nelson, 25.

    Deputy Larson spoke with the CI, who was in the back seat, and found the CI was able to purchase 1.5 grams of meth from Fox while in the car for $200. As they were being pulled over, the CI said, Fox asked for it back. The CI gave it to him and suspected that Nelson concealed it on her body. East Grand Forks Police Department and Crookston Police Department officers later searched the car and discovered $200, a man's wallet, an open can of beer, a small cloth bag with a glass pipe, a purse with a marijuana pipe, a small amount of marijuana, and Nelson's identification, said the complaint.    

    While at the Fosston Law Enforcement Center, according to the complaint, Nelson said that she and Fox were in Mahnomen earlier that day where Fox picked up meth from an apartment. They smoked some and then went to Fosston to sell some. She suspected that Fox threw it out the window when they were getting pulled over, said the complaint. Nelson was later strip-searched and a female officer discovered a plastic bag with 11 white oblong pills bearing "M367" or Lortab (dihydrocodeinone) inside her vagina.    

    According to the complaint, Larson and an EGFPD officer went to the Northwest Regional Corrections Center and advised Fox that he was formally under arrest for selling meth. He admitted to using it and on March 14, when he saw police cars about to pull him over, he swallowed the five or six baggies of meth and gave the pills to Nelson, but didn't know she had put them down her pants.    

    Fox's criminal history includes convictions for first degree burglary, first degree criminal damage to property, first degree misdemeanor assault, reckless driving and DUI.