Pride in Crookston extends to Castle Park and beyond.

Biking through the woods on intricate trails on an exciting adventure.  Making forts in the brush near the river.  Laughing with neighborhood kids, swinging up to the sky.  These are some of the memories I have of Crookston City Parks.

Thus, I am saddened by hearing that Crookston is contemplating turning what was a childhood haven into an RV campground.  It would be one thing if the person benefiting financially was a Crookston resident, but the benefactor is from another town.  It would seem to me that Crookston’s City Parks are in jeopardy.  

Although I no longer live in Crookston, I have always stated with pride that I am from “C-town.”  A place where citizen’s questions are answered, information is truthful and transparent, and the well-being of residents is considered a priority.

Upon learning more information regarding the transition of Castle Park, there seemed to be holes and gaps in what was true and what vague information was being provided.  I sincerely hope that the city council will think about what makes Crookston such a phenomenal town – the people – and listen to them!  Their valid reservations are rational and intelligent, and I am proud of the people who are willing to spend the time and energy to preserve their parks!