Services range from early puberty education to family planning

    Polk Norman-Mahnomen Community Health Services emphasizes the importance of preconception and interconception health for all our clients beginning with early puberty education as well as an important component of our family planning program.     

    The Center for Disease Control (CDC) identifies that although important advances in prenatal care have occurred, birth outcomes are worse in the United States than many other developed countries and in some populations getting worse.  CDC has found that preconception health and preconception health care can make a difference.      

    According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the terms preconception and interconception health refer to the state of a woman’s health before and between pregnancies that increase the chance of having a healthy baby.  CDC defines preconception healthcare as the medical care a woman or man receives from health professionals that focus on the parts of health that increase the chance of having healthy babies.     

    The idea about preconception health is that men and women pay attention to their health during their reproductive years, the years they are able to have children.  It is a focus on a healthy lifestyle to help protect the health of a baby they may have sometime in the future.     

    Preconception health is important to all women, not just those planning on pregnancy.  It is about making healthy choices and participating in healthy habits before becoming pregnant.  It means living well and feeling happy about your life and happy about the decisions that you make.  Preconception health involves making a plan for the future and taking the actions that can get you there.     

    Focusing on preconception health can help lead to healthier families in our communities.  Taking care of yourself now can lead to a better quality of life for you and your family in the years to come.     

    Further information can be directed to Stacy Plautz, Polk County Public Health at 281-3385 or