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  •     Following are student award winners from Monday’s Triple A Awards Banquet at Crookston High School. Athletics award winners can be found on page 10.
        • Dr. Sather Scholarship:  Victoria Greer, Kennedy Resendiz
        • Donnie Lauf Memorial Scholarship: Brandon Cymbaluk
        • Crookston Area Chamber of Commerce: Kennedy Resendiz
        • Franz Memorial/Class of 1929 Scholarship: Blake Bergeron
        • CHS Scholarship:  Bailey Lindgren
        • Larsen Achievement Award: Harrison Boucher
        • Academic Achievement: Blake Bergeron, Harrison Boucher, Michael Hefta, Kennedy Resendiz, McKayla Walters, Carly Welter, Victoria Greer, Heather Shol, Andrew Biermaier, Mariah Frisk, Mickayla Johnson
        • Senior Awards: Tristan Brown, Harrison Boucher, Kennedy Resendiz, Brian Chapman, Tiffany Trudeau, Mariah Frisk, Torrie Greer, Mickayla Johnson, Cody Klamm, John Oien, Bryan Sanchez, Heidi Shol
        • T.W. Thorson Award: Cody Klamm, Brian Chapman, Tristan Brown
          • John P. Sousa Awards: Tiffany Trudeau
        • Hussey Award: Torrie Greer
        • Carey Award: Bryan Sanchez
        • Thespian Award: Bryan Sanchez, Torrie Greer
        • Most Dedicated Thespian Award: Mariah Frisk, Mickayla Johnson
        • Above and Beyond Awards: Mariah Frisk, Torrie Greer, Mickayla Johnson, Cody Klamm, Bryan Sanchez, Tiffany Trudeau
    Other senior honors
        • Noon Day Lions/Brock Olson Award: Kennedy Resendiz, Andrew Biermaier
        • Noon-Day Lions and CHS Leo Club Mary Ann Odland Community Service Award: Carly Welter, Emma Wilder, Elizabeth Awender
        • Meredith Reynolds Memorial Scholarship:  Mickayla Johnson
        • Bremer Community Service Award: Erica Allrich, Amber Trostad
        • Senior Honor Awards: Michael Hefta, Kennedy Resendiz
        • American Legion Citizenship Award: Cody Klamm, Torrie Greer
        • American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship: Tiffany Trudeau
        • CHS Citizenship Award: Andrew Biermaier, Mariah Frisk
        • Bob & Ella Q. Strand Scholarship: Mariah Frisk
        • Tracy Lynn Altringer Scholarship: Nicole Thordarson

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