The Times Newsroom weighs in on the top five things they'd like to see happen this week locally or around the world

Less spring sports sadness

    This spring has been quite depressing, weather-wise. It's hard for kids in sports to get any practice or game time outdoors. Junior high baseball has been no exception. They have yet to play an actual game because of this unpredictability. The off days that are actually warm, there is nothing scheduled. Field conditions are anywhere from good to poor depending on how much moisture they've had for the week and these kids are getting restless. Their first five games have been cancelled due to poor weather or field conditions and just recently their tournament in East Grand Forks. The next game is scheduled for Tuesday, but judging by the heavy rain we have already received this week, it's safe to assume that will be cancelled as well. Here's to hoping these kids catch a break and get to play a game before the season ends.

What’s better than a Spring Fling?

    It might not exactly look or feel like spring outside, but the United Way of Crookston is hosting its Spring Fling Tuesday evening at Crookston Sports Center. Although the United Way purchased some advertising to promote the event, we were a little slow to find out about the event in the Times’ newsroom, so we’re trying to cram as much promotion of the event as we can today and Tuesday. There’s all kinds of stuff going on at the CSC during the event, including informational booths, a meal and recognition program, and it’s not like you’re going to be missing a pleasant spring evening outside, so check it out. RSVP, though, so they can estimate the food needed.

What’s better than a fire on a cold, rainy spring day?

    When the season of spring arrives, some people are excited to turn off their furnaces during the day and open the windows for fresh air. The weather around here is usually between the 50s and high 60s and, while people from other states think we're crazy for saying the 50s and 60s are warm, we welcome anything above 30 and consider it a heat wave. While the area is notorious for large amounts of rain in April and May, northerners still fight the urge to turn on the furnace. One popular item that will help on the heating bill is an electric fireplace. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be found at most department stores or online. Some people replace their wood-burning fireplaces with electric because they're less maintenance and can look just as nice. For those apartment dwellers, this is a great way to make your place feel like a home. Most larger models come with nice looking mantels to showcase collectibles or special pictures in frames. They can also heat anywhere from one room to the whole main floor. Consider an electric fireplace during this rainy season as a nice alternative to high heat bills.

As an NBA owner, Donald Sterling needs to go

    If you're the owner of a professional sports franchise you have to do something pretty significant to capture the headlines during your team's playoff run. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling isn't just grabbing ESPN's headlines. His recent comments are dominating all of news. During a recorded phone call, Sterling allegedly made racist comments, telling his girlfriend not to bring black people to his games, including basketball legend Magic Johnson. If the voice in the recordings is actually Donald Sterling's, which it must be if he hasn't come out to defend himself yet, the National Basketball Association needs to do everything it can to remove him as owner of the Clippers. Those comments weren't appropriate in the 19th century and they certainly have no place in today's world. As a society, one man's comments and views shouldn't make us feel like we've taken a step back in race relations. It's remarkable people still think like this today. We hope NBA commissioner Adam Silver announces soon the association's plan to deal with Sterling, and it needs to be nothing less than him not owning the Clippers anymore.

Think you’re good at badminton? Prove it at the CSC Saturday, May 3

    If there is one game that requires some physical skill and/or athletic talent, but yet just about everyone feels they’re at least a little good at it, it’s badminton. And this Saturday at Crookston Sports Center is your chance to show the world just how good at it you really are. Or aren’t…that remains to be seen. As part of an effort to continue to bring more non-ice events to the facility, the first-ever Badminton Tournament will take place Saturday, with divisions for youth teams, adult teams and senior citizen teams. It will be a chance for some to showcase their incredible badminton skills and dominate, and a chance for others to realize they aren’t as good as they thought they were. Either way, a good time should be had by all. Even if you don’t want to play, come out to watch.