If you could build your ideal football player you couldn't go wrong modeling it after Josh Edlund.

If you could build your ideal football player you couldn't go wrong modeling it after Josh Edlund. With legs like tree trunks, huge arms and a powerful upper body, Edlund was built to excel on the gridiron.

Remembering Edlund rushing the ball for the Pirates, it's difficult to recall him ever missing a game due to injury. He racked up yardage while running over opponents in the process, blocked incredibly well, and shut down opposing offense's passing attack on the other side of the ball.

A three-sport athlete, Edlund qualified for the State Wrestling Tournament multiple times and excelled on the ball diamond, hitting for average and playing solid defense at catcher, in right field and was also solid off the mound.

In his freshman season with Crown College, a private Christian college about 30 miles from Minneapolis, Minn. in St. Bonifacius, Minn., Edlund led the Storm with 543 rushing yards on 78 attempts in 10 games. He averaged 6.8 yards per carry with six touchdowns.

Edlund's older brother, Isaac, finished his senior season last year as a linebacker with 61 total tackles, ranking fifth on the team.

Josh had so many highlight runs during his Pirate playing career that it's ironic that the photo featured is of him catching a pass.

The photo was taken during Crookston's 40-15 rout of Pequot Lakes Oct. 8, 2010 at Pequot Lakes. The Pirates were 2-3 going into the game but the win over the No. 2 ranked team in Class AAA sparked a four-game win streak for Crookston.

Edlund was instrumental in the Pirates' success that season as he is every time he steps on to the field of play.

Derek Martin: What is the first thing you think of when you see this photo?

Josh Edlund: The first thing that comes to my mind is the feeling after we won that game, the satisfaction of beating them on their homecoming and getting our revenge from the year before.

DM: Do you recall this and what are your thoughts on it today? What was going through your mind at the time?

JE: I remember a lot about this play! It was our boot pass, one of our more successful pass plays. It was a two-point conversion, the grass was wet and a little slick. I remember it was a high pass and I was surprised I caught it! I bobbled it right away but then caught it again on my way down. Today when I see this all I can do is smile! It brings back a lot of memories!

DM: Do you remember this game and what is your reaction to it today?

JE: This game was a blast! We had a new formation put in that week, we called it heavy. That meant that Brody Davidson, Nick Regimbal, and Ethan Pilger all lined up on the same side, quite the line to run behind! We ran the same running play most of the night, it worked! Every time we ran it we got five yards a pop! The fake that Mark Bittner and I had going was really good that night. That was definitely one of the many skills Mark had. He could really fake everyone out! Later that week we watched film and we had such a good fake we even fooled some of the coaches. Everyone had a good game that day. We played as a team and won as a team.

DM: When you think back on your high school career what do you miss the most and which accomplishment are you most proud of?

JE: The thing I miss most from high school would have to be the guys. Football is fun but it is a team sport. Throughout my years of football I got to play with guys like Benny Curran, Brody Davidson, Dylan Klatt and many, many more. My most proud moment would be the game against Park Rapids my senior year. The obvious part of that would be setting the record but the real joy of that game was getting that second win under our belts. The season before we had only won once, that second win is huge, that was the biggest part of that game. getting all those yards was just a very fun bonus!

DM: What are you doing today?

JE: I am now playing football at Crown College, and after a lot of thought I am now going to major in physical education and minor in coaching. That way I can have the same effect on the kids that I get the opportunity to coach as my coaches had on me. I have applied to be a bus driver in the St. Bonifacius area as a temporary job and I am planning on coming back to Crookston to intern with coach Butt to gain some experience in that area. Those plans have not been solidified yet as I am waiting to hear back about my application!

DM: How was your first college football season? You also got to play with your brother, Isaac, again. What was that like?

JE: My first year of college football was fun! It was all that I was hoping for! The biggest difference that I noticed was precision, everything has to be precise, the timing, the direction, the footwork, all on the same timing. The speed and strength is also a big difference, everybody is fast and everyone is strong! It takes more than just athletic ability to succeed. You have to be smart as well. It was great to play with Isaac! I had wrestled with him and played baseball with him so the last item to check off the list was football! It was good to see him everyday. Family means a lot to me.

DM: What are you goals, expectations and thoughts on your next football season?

JE: My goal for next season is to make the all-conference team. In my post-season meeting with the coaches we discussed my goals for next year and statistically I want to top 1,000 yards. That is always the benchmark for running backs. another goal is to score 10 touchdowns Points is what helps out the team, yards do not. First and foremost, my goal would be to help my team win a conference championship. Team first, always.

DM: What is the most memorable moment of your athletic career so far and why? Is there a specific play, game, season or event that stands out?

JE: So far, my most memorable moment of my athletic career would be my senior year. Me, Dylan Klatt and my little brother, Luke, did a lot of work to get ready for the season. We were working out for two hours five days a week to help us get ready for the season. The season was so fun, it was great! Athletically we got to the top of our game. We were in every game and we played as hard as we could, sometimes things just don't always go right. All things said and done, we broke some records, we had fun and we played some football.

DM: Do you keep in contact with any of your high school teammates? Who and what do you remember about those teams?

JE: I keep in touch with a couple guys from high school and sports teams. Dylan and I plan to work out together again this summer. Some other guys I keep in contact with are guys I grew up with from kindergarten all the way to senior year, Ryan Edevold and Wyatt Hanson. They have been some of my best friends since forever, Ryan and I had a blast in choir and especially on the Florida music trip! It’s always fun to talk with him about stories from that week in Florida! Wyatt was always with me through the tough wrestling seasons. Wrestling brings people together!

DM: As a college athlete has your training regimen changed from high school? How is college football different from high school?

JE: Yes and no. Yes, because the workouts we do are different and three times a week we workout as a team. I have learned some new lifting techniques as well as crossfit ideas. no because it is all working to get better for football, that has never changed. I am looking forward to being home for the summer to workout with Dylan again, and get back to the workouts we did before senior year. The biggest difference again is the precision. Everything has to be done the right way for it to work.