We owe it to future generations to save this beautiful place.

Our beautiful nature park is on the "chopping block."

Castle Park is a unique piece of nature that is on the verge of being turned into an RV campground by a private, out-of-town developer. There is a plan for up to 70 sites, possibly some year-round, to be put in the park, which will totally ruin our city treasure. What have been referred to as "scrub trees" will be taken down. We call this the woods, where we see deer and the turning of the leaves, or take a quiet walk.

Recently, a play space has been incorporated into the park, providing a venue for children to enjoy and interact with nature.

I understand the possible need for a small campground in our community, but I don't feel it necessary to sacrifice a neighborhood park when there are other areas available.

Castle Park gives us an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors at our doorstep. We owe it to future generations to preserve this beautiful place.