They play all sizes of trumpets, mix humor with their music

     Les Trompettes de Lyon, a quintet of trumpeters from France, play all sizes of trumpets from piccolo to bass, not just the Bb trumpet, which we all know and love.   

    This prodigious group of trumpeters from Lyon, France, will bring their trumpets of all sizes and shapes to Crookston High School auditorium on Tuesday, April 29 at 7:30 p.m. and blow up a storm. Their appearance is part of the current entertainment series sponsored by the Crookston Civic Music League, which has been bringing outstanding talent to Crookston for 62 years.   

    The Trompettes de Lyon are on their debut tour for Allied Concerts and will perform for 26 concert associations in communities throughout the Midwest.  The group began in 1989 from a meeting of five musicians trained in the academies of music and universities of Lyon and today, the original five musicians remain.     

    The thing that sets them apart from other brass ensembles is the fact that they all play trumpets, which range in size from the very high-pitched piccolo trumpet to the large bass trumpet and include between those the more commonly known trumpets as well as the cornet and flugelhorn.   

    While pursuing their classical training, these musicians have progressively let their taste for “quirky fun” run loose on stage. The result is unabashedly entertaining and humorous shows.    

    The musicians have performed in major festivals of Cannes, Montreux, and Paris and have been invited often to attend the Annual International Trumpet Guild Conferences, most recently in Sydney, Australia. They have toured heavily in Europe, including Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and Russia.   

    For further information, contact Elaine Metzger at 281-2681 or Alvern Wentzel at 281-7873. Admission is by season ticket only.   

    Anyone needing a ride to the performance should call THE BUS 281-0700