Second floor of North Clinic home to a newly renovated space

    RiverView Health would like to introduce you to an effective, affordable, safe, drug-free alternative for pain and ailments that might be keeping you from living your life to your greatest potential – Community Acupuncture.  

    Community Acupuncture is RiverView’s newest line of defense against a variety of issues from the common cold to musculoskeletal pain.    

    Learn more about the popular practice at the Tuesday, April 29 RiverView Health Luncheon, “Introducing…Community Acupuncture; Effective, Affordable Acupuncture in a Group Setting’’.            

    RiverView’s Licensed Acupuncturist Megan Scott will share the benefits of acupuncture and give a tour of the newly renovated Community Acupuncture space at the Second Floor, North Clinic in Crookston.    

    RiverView’s Community Acupuncture program is designed to treat up to four patients at a time in a calm, relaxing environment. Scott quietly assesses each patient’s needs from questionnaires filled out prior to the initial appointment and discusses her plan with each individual while the patient rests comfortably in a zero gravity recliner. In the community setting, needles are most often placed in the arms, legs, head, and ears. There is no need to undress, just move your pant legs or sleeves up. Scott then inserts thin needles along the body’s meridians, or channels, to promote energy flow and balance. Once the needles are in place, the patient rests for as long as needed – typically 30-45 minutes before the needles are removed and the session is complete.   

    According to Scott, those experiencing acupuncture for the first time often feel comfort in having others around them that are going through the same experience. And, ultimately, patients are able to receive the treatment they need at an affordable cost.

Commonly treated conditions   

    The ancient practice of acupuncture, which dates back more than 2,000 years, is used to help a variety of issues, including:   

    •    Anxiety & Depression
    •    Arthritis, Tendonitis, & Joint Pain (knee, elbow, ankle, etc)
    •    Asthma & Allergies
    •    Sinus Congestion
    •    Common Cold & Influenza
    •    Neck & Back Pain
    •    Fibromyalgia
    •    Headaches & Migraines
    •    Indigestion, Gas, Bloating, Constipation & Diarrhea
    •    Insomnia
    •    Menopause
    •    PMS & Menstrual Irregularity
    •    Stress Management/Relaxation
    •    Fertility
    •    Side Effects of Chemotherapy
    •    No complaints? Lucky You! Use acupuncture to stay well and feel your best!   

    The luncheon will be held in Meeting Room #1 beginning at noon. It is located near the RiverView Clinic entrance on the north side of the hospital and across from the elevators on first floor.    

    The luncheon series is in its 16th year of sponsorship by RiverView Health. All men and women interested in improving their health are invited to attend. Each luncheon starts a few minutes past noon and luncheons are kept under one hour so those needing to return to work can attend.     

    The presentations are free and attendees can bring their own lunches or purchase a bag lunch for $3.00. Pre-registration is required. Call Holly Anderson at 281-9745 or toll free 1-800-743-6551, extension 9745, for additional information and to pre-register.