As for the latest spree, police chief says CPD is still trying to get a handle on what they’re dealing with

    Crookston Police Chief Paul Biermaier told the Times Wednesday that the CPD “has an idea of who is responsible” for a recent round of graffiti sprayed and written predominantly on Crookston’s south end, but that investigators are still trying to get a handle on a second round of graffiti at the Crookston Library, Grand Theatre, and at multiple points between, including  the Robert Street Bridge and a decommissioned CPD squad car parked at city hall that’s now used by city staff.   

    The first round of graffiti, on some vehicles, numerous signs, trailers and tanks from the southern edge of downtown and further south along Old Highway 75, seemed to involve references to a well-known graffiti artist. Crooks Club downtown also was heavily hit, inside and out, and the damage at the business exceeded $1,000, Biermaier said, which elevated the crime to a felony.   

    “We’re working on some good leads on that one,” he said. “We’re making positive progress.”   

    The latest round of graffiti, however, includes predominantly the letters “CVL” and “CVLN.” A Google search of those letters reveals a connection to the nationally known gang, the Vice Lords.   

    Biermaier said that, in addition to investigating who’s responsible, the CPD also wants to know who they’re dealing with: Are the graffiti perpetrators gang-wannabes who are trying to show off and/or get attention, or is it something else?   

    “We’re looking at it from the point of view of, do we have something more serious going on?” Biermaier said.   

    The police chief urges citizens to be especially mindful of things they see “after-hours” all over town, but especially in the downtown area. If you see anything suspicious, contact the CPD at 281-3111.