It’s looking like it’ll be shut down at least two months while broken filter is dealt with

    It’s looking to be two months and maybe longer until the Crookston Community Swimming Pool reopens, after a filter that treats water for both the main pool and diving pool sprung a leak last Thursday.   

    The school district owns the pool. Superintendent Chris Bates and Transportation and Buildings and Grounds Coordinator Rick Niemela each said replacing the filter will more than likely cost in excess of $200,000. Bates told the Times previously that statutory changes made since the filter was installed years ago now require that each pool have its own individual filter.   

    The school board was looking to finance a new roof, boiler and ventilation system at the pool, but everything is kind of limbo until a plan of action is formulated specific to dealing with the filter leak and the potential six-figure cost to address it.   

   Several companies that could address the filter problem have been contacted and will be providing some cost estimates.