Mike and Derek do the heavy lifting today.

It’s Masters week...even without Tiger, so enjoy
For fans of the Professional Golf Association, the upcoming weekend amounts to nothing short of utopia. It’s the Masters, the first major of the PGA season, played at historic Augusta Golf Club in Georgia. Yes, the CBS coverage of the annual event goes over the top, with the references to the crowd as the “patrons,” and the rough as the “second cut” and all that jazz. But…it’s still the Masters. That course, the tradition, it’s unmatched. Unlike the other three majors in the PGA calendar, the Masters is played at the same course every year, so golf fans feel like they know every blade of grass at Augusta as if it were in their own yard. Certainly, without Tiger Woods playing – he’s recovering from back surgery – it’ll be a little different. But it’s still…the Masters.

Time to warm it up
Times' staff writer/photographer Jess Bengtson is on vacation, which should threaten our streak of who knows how many weeks of having one of our “5 Things” topics be related to the weather but, don’t fret, you amateur meteorologists and weather buffs out there: The next few sentences are about the weather. And it deserves a spot on this page today, since it appears that we might actually make a breakthrough with Mother Nature this week, in the form of a high temperature on Wednesday that’s forecast to be in the 60s. Let’s hope so. Enough with this slow melt. Flooding isn’t a threat, so let’s just get rid of this stuff. These poor spring athletes at CHS and UMC, they’re getting robbed again. So, come on, Mom Nature, let’s get this place cookin’!

Let’s find the missing jet
There are almost alway reasonable explanations for something strange that happens in this world. And that's what makes the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 so odd, almost terrifying. Listening to "experts" that are almost speechless, officials changing their reports frequently and family members of those missing passionately demanding answers is disturbing. When flight experts say they believe the airliner landed safely and is being held by terrorists is mind-boggling. People have thrown out the idea of aliens abducting the enormous jet. And with more than 30 days since the plane went off the grid the aliens explanation starts to kind of become reasonable until the snap out of it. This flight disappearance is starting to rival that of Amelia Earhart's. This weekend we got word of a search ship detecting pinging from what could be the airliner's black box. That is easily the biggest lead we've heard in 30 days. Let's hope the jet is located and a reasonable explanation can be determined.

A great tradition continues this week at the high school
A great tradition continues later this week at CHS, where local senior citizens will be treated to a tasty brunch in the school commons, served by the CHS Leo Club members, and then everyone will head on over to the auditorium to take in the CHS Drama Department’s spring production, “Man of LaMancha.” Forget the fact that it’s a great story that truly comes alive on stage. Wait, don’t forget that entirely, because that’s great. But the best part of the event is that a whole bunch of kids put it on for a whole bunch of senior citizens, and everyone has a good time. Now, who could argue with that?

Get ready for the greatest hockey game ever on Thursday
Lutheran or Catholic? Democrat or Republican? Gophers or Fighting Sioux? Those are some touchy questions people have to hash out is relationships. Often times the first two questions are easier to compromise with than the third. Thursday's Frozen Four matchup marks the first time since January 2013 that Minnesota and North Dakota have played each other since separating into different conferences. Tensions have been building and the buzz is growing. Don't think for one second the greatest rivalry in college hockey has lost its luster. It's just been building pressure for more than a year, and it's going to explode Thursday in Philadelphia. The rivals have taken different paths to the Frozen Four with the Gophers near the top of the rankings for most of the season and North Dakota unable to consistency in most areas of the game. Disregard the records, rankings and everything you thought you knew about the two teams this season. Thursday's clash is going to be epic. And not "epic" like the way teenagers throw that word around. "Epic" like this has the making of one of the greatest college hockey games ever. Goldy will be spinning his head in the City of Brotherly Love and the "Sioux Yeah Yeah" chants will be loud and clear. Best of luck to your favorite team.