New levees make a big difference when it comes to the need to sandbag.

    The winter of 2014 has been a HARSH winter for everybody and everything in Crookston!  

  But even though we have had one harsh winter, it is looking like Crookston should have a relaxing spring with no sandbagging! In most of the areas that normally flood in Crookston, the City has made dikes higher to prevent flooding.

    A few weeks ago, I was able to talk to Pat Kelly, the head of the water department in Crookston. He was able to tell me his thoughts and predictions on flooding here in Crookston.

    We have less than a 10% chance of hitting 20 feet and less than a 50% chance we are going to get to flood stage.  Here in Crookston the places that they will have to watch this spring are the Riverside Avenue dike, because it is only protected for 24 feet, and the area across from the American Legion.
    If these places start to look like they might flood over, Crookston might have to do a little sand bagging to keep our town safe.

    As of mid March, the City of Crookston has not noticed any flooding, even though in town everything is starting to melt and clear up. In the country they are going to have to wait until the ditches and fields start to clear up. Until then, we shouldn’t see signs of flooding.

    The last time that Crookston had to do major sanding bagging was in 2011 before the dike was built where the old arena was located. When we had to sandbag in 2011, I was able to get out of school to help  along with the many other students from Crookston.         

    This was a great opportunity to be able to sandbag for our community and to work as a team to complete a big project. We students had sandbagged down by the old arena. While we were sandbagging they were also tearing down some of the old arena, which was a little sad to see.

    But now we are fortunate to have a brand new arena! As of March 25, Crookston is at 5.06 feet for the flood stage. Here in Crookston 24 feet is when we would flood, and as of now you can tell we are far from flooding.

    The National Weather Service watches for many signs of flooding such as monitoring the amount of precipitation throughout the year. They have predicted that in our area there should be no flooding and no sandbagging. Just keep listening to tunes like “Here Comes The Sun” and spring and summer will be here in no time!

    Awender is a student in Toni Grove’s communications and broadcasting course.