Bates: All three had strengths, but it's about finding the best fit.

    After a trio of applicants were interviewed earlier this week for the Crookston High School principal position, Superintendent Chris Bates told the Times Wednesday that the interview committee has decided against offering the job to either of the interviewees and will instead advertise the position a second time.

    “Each of them had strengths, but the group determined that it’s about finding the best fit, and they didn’t quite get there with these three,” the superintendent said.

    Crookston Central 1987 graduate Eric Longtin, a football coach and math teacher in North St. Paul, was among the three who interviewed. Also interviewed were Ryan Luft, a principal in Foley, Minn., and Mark Nass, a teacher in Windom, Minn.

    Asked if the job description will be modified as the position is advertised a second time, Bates said “a little bit will be added to it” as part of a “tweaking” process.

    “This wasn’t an easy decision, but the group determined that maybe their biggest strengths weren’t what we’re looking for at this time,” Bates said of the three interviewees. “It’s all about the best fit, and about passion...what are you passionate about? I think that’s more important than maybe your years of experience.”

    Bates is hoping a modified job description will spur more applicants to seek the job. Only a half-dozen applied during the first go-around, about half of what Bates said he was anticipating.

    “That’s the problem with a shallow pool, it increases the chance that you’re just not going to find the best person for your particular job,” he said.

    Current CHS Principal J.J. Vold has submitted his resignation, which takes effect at the end of the current school year.