Crooks Club appears to take the worst of vandalism during Monday's blizzard.

While just about everyone else hunkered down until Monday's blizzard left Crookston in its rear-view mirror, a person or persons spray-painted graffiti on cars, signs, trailers, tanks and other things primarily from the southern edge of downtown and at points further to the south.

Crookston Police Chief Paul Biermaier told the Times that it appears Crooks Club in downtown Crookston was the biggest victim of the vandalism, with graffiti "quite extensive" on the exterior of the building as well as inside, in the bar area, in the bar and on the walls.

All of the graffiti appears to either show the word "QUIK" or the word and number combination of Drip 702. Biermaier said at this point it doesn't appear to be related to any gang-affiliated symbolism. A Google check of QUIK as it relates to graffiti turns up several links to stories and images involving New York City graffiti artist Lin "QUIK" Felton. A Google search of "Drip 702" turns up several stories and images relating to a drip-style of graffiti writing using paint, and the "702" links to a talk radio station in Johannesburg, South Africa and, specifically, to an interview on that radio station with a graffiti artist about the "drip" style of graffiti.

"It doesn't appear to be gang-related, and they did it all in the blizzard," Biermaier said. He added that officers continue to compile reports that started coming in early Tuesday, and that some promising leads are being pursued.

While the vandalism might not be gang-related, which most would see as a positive development, the police chief said the perpetrator(s) is guilty of a felony-level offense. "You only need to get to $1,000 in damage to reach the felony level, and when you look at Crooks Club and how widespread this was, it's definitely a felony," he said.