Focus is on expanding their audience, impact

    Things went off without a hitch at this year’s second Farmers Market celebration in UMC's Bede Ballroom. Celebrating the success of local farmers markets and the continued support from various communities brought special “bright spots” from participants.   

    The phrase comes from Dan and Chip Heath’s book, "Switch: How to make change when change is hard."  Heath asks, “When is my organization being its best self?”        

    A common reply from participants was that they were at their best when customers are happy with the products they receive. They are also at their best when they bring in new attractions like classic cars. Another “bright spot” shared by participants was combining food and art in a winter market. Lastly, members shared that they are more productive when using resources provided to them from Minnesota Grown.   

    Minnesota Grown is a statewide partnership between the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Minnesota producers of specialty crops and livestock. The Minnesota Grown Program has over 1,100 diverse members including farmers' markets, CSA farms, garden centers, wineries, fruit & vegetable growers, pick-your-own farms, livestock producers, meat processors, Christmas tree growers, and producers of honey, wild rice, maple syrup, cheese, and other gourmet products.   

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